Importance of Patience in Investing


Patience is the key to investing as it demands a considerable length of time from an investor in order to finally show up the results. The act of investing closely resembles the task of growing a fruit orchard, where the orchard owner has to go through the process of choosing a fruit for his plantation followed by carefully planting the seeds and waiting for the time when trees will finally bear fruits. However, there are times when a tree or some of the trees do not produce the fruits for a period of time, but the unproductivity for a short time does not perplexes the owner, who is confident about the future. Similarly, an investor also has to follow a due diligence while stock-picking so as to ensure he is investing in a right company that would give him value in future. Like trees, which reward its owners by becoming source of fruits for a long tenure, investing in stocks could do the same for an investor, who should patiently let the short-term volatility pass. While the quality of fruits depend on the strength of trees, so is the case with investing.