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Importance of Patience in Investing

Patience is the key to investing as it demands a considerable length of time from an investor in order to finally show up the results. The act of investing closely resembles the task of growing a fruit orchard, where the orchard owner has to go through the process of choosing a fruit for his plantation followed by carefully planting the seeds and waiting for the time when trees will finally bear fruits. However, there are times when a tree or some of the trees do not produce

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Multibagger may be defined as stocks which multiplies its values in terms of its purchase price i.e. the net worth is increased by a number of times by its original value. Five things you should consider in the process of identifying a multibagger.

  1. Debt of the company: Check the debt of the company with respect to equity and whether the same is increasing or decreasing. Also is the company able to leverage its Debt and Equity or not?

  2. Look for trend in Sales: Incre

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Fundamentals of A stock

No matter whether you are trading for short term or longterm, it is wise to research on fundamentals of a companybefore investing. Now the question would be what you shouldlook for in Fundamentals? Here are five key factors to look forwhile checking fundamentals of a company:

  • Check the trend of Earnings, Compare it on quarterly basis and see how the trend is whether increasing or decreasing.
  • Have a close look at Revenues or Sales of the company as it would very well th

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