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SEBI Registered "Research Analyst" Reg. No. INH100006427 (Oct'18)

10paisa.com is a leading website, primarily focused on research of smallcap stocks. 10paisa.com has an advantage of having experience Since 2004. We always try to give best research to our valuable subscribers through our website.

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You will be able to see Newsletter every Wednesday & Saturday Evening by using username and password provided by us to our subscribers. If you make payment through Credit/Debit card/Net Banking etc. then you will get username and password immediately, otherwise after credit of your cheque to our account. We Recommend 4 Stocks Weekly i.e. 2 Stocks on Wednesday & 2 Stocks on Saturday Evening around 6:00 PM.

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  • GREAT EXPERIENCE: Equity investing is a great option to build your wealth, but the art of finding great Businesses at reasonable Valuations only comes with the time spent in the Stock Market. 10paisa.com is a Tested, Trusted & Admired Website Since 2004.

  • MAXIMUM DISCOUNT: 10paisa.com always tries to give more value in less consideration to its Subscribers. So, we provide Subscription starts with just Rs.2000/- for 1 month.

  • FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS: We do thorough Research & Analysis on Fundamentals of companies like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Key Financial Ratios (ROE,ROCE, Debt to Equity etc.), Quarterly, Half-yearly & Annual Results, Cash Flows, Annual Reports, Shareholding Pattern etc.

  • IN-DEPTH RESEARCH: We don't depend on numbers only. We also do in-depth research of each company's Business Model, Future Projections, Competitive Advantages & other Moats before recommending any Stock.


We suggest that as you book profits time to time with rotation of stocks as per our weekly newsletter, you will be able to get good returns on your investments.