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SEBI Registered "Research Analyst" Reg. No. INH100006427 (Oct'18)

10paisa.com is a leading website, primarily focused on research of Quality Smallcap Stocks. 10paisa.com has an advantage of having experience Since 2004. We always try to give best research to our valuable subscribers through our website.

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You will be able to see Newsletter every Wednesday & Saturday Evening by using username and password provided by us to our subscribers. If you make payment through Credit/Debit card/Net Banking etc. then you will get username and password immediately, otherwise after credit of your cheque to our account. We Recommend 2 Stocks Weekly i.e. 1 Stock on Wednesday & 1 Stock on Saturday Evening around 6:00 PM along with Analysis Report.


  • INTELLIGENT INVESTING: 10paisa.com is a website for prudent investors… for people who wish to make their hard earned money increase in value through intelligent investing. By researching over thousands of shares of the Indian stock market, 10paisa.com chooses only such worthwhile gems that are most likely to earn good money for investors.

  • FIRST-RATE STOCKS: After a careful study and analysis, we recommend two potentially first-rate stocks every week wherein investments could help our subscribers make profits when the recommended stocks achieve their target value.

  • OUR AIM: The aim of our newsletters is to help subscribers increase their monetary gains by way of investment in different recommended stocks and thereafter selling the same whenever they achieve the predicted target value. This strategy not only enables excellent returns on investment but also a means to increase wealth and confidence to further invest in recommended stocks of future.

  • DO'S AND DON’TS: We don’t recommend stocks in futures & options or intraday trading as we do not want any subscriber to lose even one rupee by way of speculation. Working round the clock, our research analysts labour hard to pick good quality stocks as per their fundamentals, available at reasonable prices as well as good risk-reward ratio.


We suggest that as you book profits time to time with rotation of stocks as per our weekly newsletter, you will be able to get good returns on your investments.